eLicensing facilitates the processing of licensing applications online for legal firms

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CSOL (Courts Service On-Line) is the primary channel for the creation, payment and service of licensing applications to the Courts.  eLicensing online was launched nationwide for all legal firms on 3 July 2020 via CSOL (Courts Service On-Line).

eLicensing is the most efficient and convenient way to manage Licensing applications to the Court.  Support with using the system is available at casu@courts.ie

Legal firms are required to register in three simple steps on www.CSOL.ie to use this online service. Further information on the registration process can be found below under the ‘Registration’ section.  Once a Legal Firm is registered and account activated, Legal firms can lodge, pay, serve Notice Parties and track applications for licensing matters on-line and collect their licensing Court Orders.

To see the licensing applications available on CSOL, please click Licences on CSOL Online Applications

A comprehensive overview of the eLicensing system is portrayed below including a series of instructional videos Click here for a video overview of the eLicensing system.

Scroll down for further information and instructional videos.

To see further details on District Court Licensing applications, please click District Court Licensing Applications

A list of frequently asked questions for motion.

The significant benefits for practitioners using CSOL for managing Licensing application to the Court are:

  • Complete the entire licensing application process online – create application, list for Court, service notice parties, pay application fee (court fee & excise fee).
  • Case tracking and online management of application to the court from creation of case to collection of order.  Ability to track the journey of an application through the court process.
  • Remotely access all your licensing applications 24/7
  • eService on notice party so no requirement to complete declarations of service to the court for on-line applications
  • Court Orders available electronically through the system once perfected on the system by the court office
  • Secure online payments supported by internal authorisation processes
  • Online eRegisters for searching licensed premises
  • Cost and time savings for solicitor offices

To lodge a licensing application online, legal firms must register their firm on Courts Service Online CSOL by creating a Legal Practice Admin User account (LPAU).  This registration is a once-off process.  Once registered, the Legal Practice Admin User can create additional users for their firm with varying levels of access.

CSOL is the primary distribution channel for all licensing court orders, and therefore your registration on CSOL for Legal Firms is required to collect your licensing court orders.

Click here for the instructional video on the legal firm registration process. The registration process is a simple three-step process:

Step 1

– www.csol.ie

  • Create an account for your firm using the website www.csol.ie.
  • Click on the ‘I’m new to CSOL’ button, or the ‘Create Account’ option at the top of the screen.
  • Select ‘Legal Firm Account’ from the dropdown and enter the relevant details.

Please note the following:

  • Google Chrome must be used to access CSOL
  • An individual’s email address must be used to register e.g., joebloggs@xsolicitors.ie.
  • Generic email addresses e.g. info@xsolicitors.ie cannot be used for registration.  Exceptions can only be made if user confirms via email with CASU that the account holder is the only person with access to that email address.

Step 2 – Manual documentation for registration

The Legal Practice Admin User downloads and prints the following documentation:

  • Signed Legal Firm headed paper
  • Copy of current Practising Cert
  • Signed Application Form - downloaded from CSOL
  • Direct Debit Mandate - downloaded from CSOL
  • Signed Terms and Conditions - downloaded from CSOL

The above documents must be signed and sent to:

Central Application Support Unit (CASU),
Courts Service,
Circuit and District Court Operations
Phoenix House,
Dublin 7,

D07 F95Y

To expedite the registration process, the required registration documents can also be emailed to casu@courts.ie, followed by the manual documents by post.

Step 3 – Activate Firm / Office Account

  • When the documentation is received by the Courts Service, an email with an activation link will issue to the email address provided.
  • The administrator in the firm/office follows the instructions in the email, clicks the link provided and activates their firm/office account on CSOL.
  • The administrator will have full access and responsibility on CSOL to create and manage additional user accounts for their firm.  It is recommended that there is a minimum of 2 Legal Practice Admin User accounts in each Legal Firm

Click to see an image explaining the different types of account types

Support & FAQs

Support for registration or for general use of CSOL is available by emailing casu@courts.ie.

Click here to view the eLicensing Pilot - Frequently Asked Questions 

Points to Note

  • When registering for a Legal Practice Admin user account, you must only use an individuals email address eg tara@tuvsolicitors.ie
  • Once off process per firm – your firm is removed from drop-down list once registration has commenced
  • Legal firm must create Legal Practice Admin user account on CSOL to set up your legal firm's account who can then create all other CSOL user accounts for their legal firm