The Bankruptcy Register Online is maintained by the Office of the Examiner of the High Court. It contains details of bankruptcies in Ireland.

General Information on Bankruptcy

General Information on Bankruptcy

For general information on bankruptcy, visit the Office of the Examiner of the High Court page

How To Search The Register

How To Search The Register


Click eRegister and select Bankruptcy, which will present the search screen. You can search using one field or a combination of fields.

If values are entered into more than one search field, then bankruptcy records will only be selected if they meet all criteria.

Search results: Expanding Bankruptcy Details

The initial result from a search will display a single line of information on the bankruptcy.

To see more details, click on the green disc to the left of the relevant record. This will expand the display. To close again click on the red disc.

Conventions for entering names and addresses:

Search entry convention Correct format Incorrect format
Keep search strings short - part of name or address sufficient.
Avoid spaces if possible - Sull for O’Sullivan
Sull (for O’Sullivan) -
Names and Surnames - capital letter for the first letter on all name Thomas Paul Smith thomas paul smith
Double names should have capital letters on each name Mary Jane Blige-Smith Mary jane Blige-smith
Names with initials will have a full stop.
No special characters, comma, apostrophe, hyphen or fada.
Mary J. Blige
M. J. Blige
Mary J Blige 
M J Blige
Surname with Mc/Mac should have no space Paul MacGrath Paul Mac Grath
Surname with O’ should have no space Mark O’Neill Mark O’ Neill
Surname with Ní should have a space Máire Ní Mhurchú Máire NíMhurchú
Company/Associated body: Use Limited not Ltd Best Pub Limited Best Pub Ltd
Street, Road, Avenue, etc. to be entered in full, no abbreviations
4 Market Street
22 Long Road
4 Market St
22 Long Rd
Capital letter for the first letter of all parts of address
4 Market Street 4 Market street
enter as Lower/Upper
Lower Main Street
Upper Main Road
Lwr Main Street
Upr Main Road
Saint to be entered as St St John’s Road Saint John’s Road
County to be entered as Co. Co. Kildare County Kildare