1. Appointment Booking Service Overview


1.1 What is the Appointment Booking Service?


The Appointment Booking Service allows you to book a time slot to visit some Courts Service offices. You can book an appointment through our website.


1.2 What Courts Service offices are using the Appointment Booking Service?


A list of the offices that offer the Appointment Booking Service is available through our website.


1.3 The Courts Service is a JAM friendly organisation


If you use a Just a Minute (JAM) card and need extra time, please contact the Courts Service office you want to book an appointment for. You will then be able to book a longer appointment time. Please bring your JAM card to your appointment.


1.4 The Appointment Booking Service does not limit any individual’s right of access to justice


The Appointment Booking Service is designed to make an appointment for non-urgent matters only. If your matter is urgent, such as domestic violence matters, an extradition matter, or a Habeas Corpus application, you do not need an appointment to visit the relevant Courts Service office.


1.5 The Courts Service does not provide legal advice of any kind


When you attend the Courts Service office at your appointment time, the Courts Service staff member will not be able to provide you with any legal advice.


Free Legal Advice Centres (FLAC) is an organisation that offers free confidential legal advice. FLAC do not act as legal representatives.


The Law Society of Ireland has a list of solicitors' contact details. There are no fixed fees for private solicitors, so you should ask them about the costs before you start.


If you do not think you can afford a private solicitor, you may wish to contact the Legal Aid Board to see if you are eligible for their services.


1.6 The person making the appointment must be over 18 years of age


1.7 Recording in a Courts Service office/recording of a Courts Service staff member is strictly prohibited



2. Preparing for your Appointment


2.1 Arrive early


Please attend the venue approximately ten minutes in advance of the booking time. If you arrive late, we cannot guarantee your appointment, and you will have to rebook your appointment.


2.2 Arrive prepared


You should bring all relevant documents to your appointment. If you do not have everything that you need, the Courts Service staff member may not be able to provide help during your appointment, and you may need to rebook and attend the office on another date.


2.3 Appointments are for a set time


If you have everything you need with you, your timeslot should give you enough time to complete your appointment. If you do not have everything that is needed, or the timeslot is not sufficient, you can book an additional appointment to attend again on another day.


2.4 Single bookings only


Consecutive appointments for the same service cannot be made unless we advise you to do so. If you book multiple or consecutive bookings with no justification, those bookings will be cancelled (this does not apply to Just a Minute (JAM) card users. Please see section 1.3 above). 



3. Data Gathering, Use, and Disposal


3.1 Personal data


Personal data needs to be provided when booking an appointment online. The following information is required:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number


3.2 Where is data gathered, stored, and located?


The Appointment Booking Service is provided by TIMIFY/TerminApp (registered in Germany) under licence to the Courts Service as a software service tool. Data is gathered by TerminApp GmbH (the provider of the software). Data is stored in a database hosted by TIMIFY/TerminApp on a server located in the European Union and is never replicated outside of the European Union.


3.3 Who has access to my data? What will my data be used for?


The data provided will be accessed by Courts Service staff and used solely for the purposes of the appointment.


3.4 What will my email be used for?


Your email address will be used to send a confirmation email and a reminder email about your appointment. Within that email, there will be a link to modify or cancel your appointment.


3.5 How often will my data be deleted?


Data hosted by TIMIFY/TerminApp will automatically be permanently deleted every 31 calendar days. Once deleted, your information cannot be retrieved or modified.


3.6 Will there be a record of my appointment when my data is deleted?


Your personal data will be deleted, but a record of your appointment date and time will remain for statistical purposes.


3.7 Are there any other circumstances where my data might be requested?


In certain circumstances, specific permission may be requested from you to use your data to send feedback requests or a satisfaction survey. You will have to opt-in to this request.



4. Health and Safety


4.1 Please do not attend your appointment if you have/suspect you have a transmittable illness


You are asked not to attend your appointment if you have, or you suspect that you have, any transmittable illness that could impact Courts Service staff or any other Courts Service users during your attendance to your appointment.