1. General

1.1 This Online Appointment System (tool) is provided by TerminApp GmbH (registered in Germany) under licence to the Courts Service as Software as a Service tool.

1.2 This tool is integrated on the Courts Service website in order to provide users a convenient way of getting an appointment at certain designated venues and service

1.3 This tool is currently deployed as a pilot and appointments via the website can only be made at certain locations. Extension or removal of this tool at any time will be decided by the Courts Service.

1.4 This appointment system intends to provide controlled access to Courts Service locations in order to maximise user support, reduce waiting times and manage resources.

1.5 This tool is intended to be used to arrange an appointment for non-urgent matters. This tool does not limit any individual’s right of access to justice.

1.6 The intention of these appointments are to file, lodge or submit any documentation or form supported at the venue the appointment is booked for. The Courts Service does not provide legal advice of any kind.

1.7 The person making the appointment must be must be over 18 years old.

2. Data gathering, use and deletion

2.1 Personal data needs to be provided when arranging an appointment: this can include full name, email address and phone number. Other data can also be requested depending on the services at each individual office.

2.2 Data will be gathered via the tool mentioned in 1.1 and data will be stored in a database stored by Amazon Web Services (AWS) on a server located in the European Union.

2.3 The data provided will be accessed by Courts Service staff and used for the purposes of the appointment.

2.4 The email address will be used to send a confirmation and a reminder email about the appointment. On that email there will be a link to modify or cancel the appointment.

2.5 Data stored on the database mentioned on 2.2 will be permanently deleted automatically every 31 calendar days. Once deleted, the information cannot be retrieved or modified.

2.6 Personal data will be deleted, but a record of the appointment will remain for statistical purposes

2.7 In certain circumstances specific permission may be requested from users to use the data in order to send feedback requests or a satisfaction surveys. Users will have to opt-in to this request.

3. Access to the venues and the appointment

3.1 Users are advised to attend the venue they booked for shortly in advance of the booking time. Late arrival may result on the appointment being cancelled and having to make another booking at other available time

3.2 Users are requested to follow the indications for that specific venue and to bring with them any materials and documentation required for the appointment. Lack of preparedness may result on the Courts Service staff member not being able to provide help during the appointment, resulting on the user having to make another appointment at other available time.

3.3 The appointment is for a limited time only, as indicated at the time of making the booking. This time is considered sufficient for the type of service booked if all the documentation and information is provided as requested. If this time is not sufficient for any reason, a follow up appointment may be required at other available time.

3.4 Users must not book multiple or consecutive appointments for the same service, unless advised to do so. Multiple or consecutive bookings for the same service with no justification will result on most or all bookings being cancelled

3.5 JAM (Just A Minute) card users can book two consecutive appointments if they consider that they may need it. It is suggested that they send an email to the relevant office to inform of the multiple booking to prevent any of the appointments being cancelled. A JAM card will have to be presented at the time of the appointment. 

4. Health and Safety:

4.1 Users are asked not to attend an appointment if they have or they suspect to have any transmittable illness that could impact Courts Service staff or any other Courts Service users during the attendance to the appointment

4.2 Users must follow any applicable local, regional and national guidelines in terms of health and safety. Users must follow the indications and guidelines provided at the venue they are accessing. Failure to comply with the guidelines mentioned above can result on the appointment not taking place and having to book at another available time.