How to go about making your claim to the Small Claims Registrar.

In making a claim (i.e. you are the claimant), you must be sure of the name and address of the person or company against whom you want to make a claim (the respondent). These details must be accurate so that the any court order (judgment) can be enforced.

When a Respondent is a company, rather than an individual, it is important that you ascertain the correct title of the company. This may be obtained from the Companies Registration Office or 01 804 5200 / LoCall 0818 452 000.

If one of the parties lives in another EU country, you should use the European Small Claims Procedure.

Apply online

In order to make an online application, you will need to register an account on the Courts Service Online (CSOL) system.  You will be able to monitor the progress of your claim on CSOL.

You will also need to have an e-mail address and a credit/debit card in order to pay the €25 application fee.

Click to Apply Online

Apply manually

You will need to contact the District Court Office in the area where:

  • the respondent lives or carries on business, or
  • the contract was made, or
  • in the case of damage to property, where the damage took place.

The Small Claims Registrar will provide you with the application form or you can download the Small Claims Application form

The completed application form together with the fee should be lodged with the Small Claims Registrar in the relevant area.

Note: cheques are accepted with a guarantee card. Other methods of payment are possible such as postal order, bank draft or solicitor's letter.  Make cheques, postal orders, bank drafts payable to 'The Courts Service'.

If you are the respondent, you can access the forms to accept liability or dispute liability.