Here is some information on applying for an exemption from jury service


If you wish to apply to be excused from jury service, please submit any documents or certificates that will help to support your application. Find out more information on who is exempt from jury service

Any documents you submit online or send via post as supporting evidence will be considered by The County Registrar. They may excuse you if you show to their satisfaction that there is good reason why you should be excused. If you are sending documents via post, please send photocopies of documents rather than originals as we destroy sent documents after we check them.

You cannot be excused from jury service over the phone. Also, another person cannot apply on your behalf to be excused, except in exceptional circumstances, such as illness. That extends to employers/employees - an employer cannot make an application on behalf of an employee for the employee to be excused. Any such application will not be considered. 

Please see examples below of documentation/certificates:

If you are requesting an exemption because you: Evidence needed to support your request:
  • are caring for young children
Photocopies of the children's birth certs
  • are self employed
Written request on your business's headed paper including other documents, such as a company’s Registration or Revenue certificate, or a letter from your accountant
  • will be abroad on holiday
Copies of flight details or other forms of evidence


Find out more information about how we deal with personal details


What if I have received a Jury Summons for my deceased relative?

We know this is very upsetting and we sincerely apologise in advance for any distress caused. The main reason a deceased person has been called for jury service is because their name is still on the Register of Electors. In distressing circumstances, removing a deceased person’s name from the electoral register can often get overlooked or other matters will naturally take precedence.

At a time that is appropriate, the next-of-kin of the deceased person will need to contact their local County or City Council to remove the deceased person’s name from the Register of Electors. Unfortunately, we at the Courts Service cannot do this on behalf of the deceased person’s family.

We would appreciate if you could inform us through to indicate that the person is deceased. You can do this by using the ‘respond on behalf of somebody else’ option. This will make sure that we do not send any more correspondence about that specific summons.