Here is some information on applying for an Exemption from Jury Service


​If you wish to apply to be excused from jury service, please follow the steps below:

  • Complete Part 3 of the Reply to Jury Summons form and explain your reasons as fully as possible, and
  • enclose any documents or certificates that will help to support your application.

The County Registrar will consider any documents you submit as supporting evidence with the Reply to Jury Summons as part of the process. Please send photocopies of documents rather than originals as we destroy documents you send us after we check them (you can access information about how we deal with personal details here).

For example:

If you have diffficulty in attending for jury service because you: Evidence needed:
  • are caring for young children
Photocopies of the children's birth certs
  • are self employed
Written request on your business's headed paper and include other documents such as a Companies Registration or Revenue certificate, or a letter from your accountant
  • have a medical condition or you are a carer
A letter from your GP or other medical practitioners confirming you are unable to attend.
  • will be abroad on holiday
Copies of flight details or other forms of evidence.

The County Registrar decides on applications to be excused from jury service. They may excuse you if you show to their satisfaction that there is good reason why you should be excused.

  • Another person cannot apply on your behalf for you to be excused except in exceptional circumstances – for example, illness.
  • An employer cannot make an application on behalf of an employee for the employee to be excused. Any such application will not be considered. 
  • You cannot be excused from jury service over the phone. You must return your completed Reply to Jury Summons Form in the pre-paid envelope enclosed or email quoting your Jury Summons number. This is located at top right hand corner of the Jury Summons.