Your Jury Summons asks you to attend for jury service. It will tell you the date, time and court building you have to attend. You must reply to this summons using the Reply to Jury Summons form. The following steps will help you to complete this form.

Jury Duty under Covid Restrictions

Jury Duty under Covid Restrictions

Jury trials of necessity involve a large number of people being required to attend over sometimes a prolonged period and are therefore particularly affected by inability of individual practitioners, Gardai, staff, jurors, witnesses or Judges to attend. 

In the circumstances, criminal trials due to commence in the Central and Circuit Courts will not start before 24th January 2022. Please note that if you have received a summons for dates between January the 10th and January the 21st 2022 you need not attend.

Find all the latest Jury Service notices on our dedicated jury notices page (being the link above).

If you have concerns about attending, please contact the office listed in your jury summons

Health and Safety measures

The Courts Service’s main priority is the safety of all court users. Jury service is an essential element of the criminal justice system and every effort has been made to ensure jury trials are safe and feel safe to people attending for jury service.  The Courts Service has safely conducted a number of jury trials since the start of the pandemic, receiving excellent feedback from jurors who felt safe throughout the process, as a result of the Courts Service comprehensive health and safety management programme and measures. The health and safety protocols and protective measures in place are working well and these standards will continue to be maintained as required.

It is important that anyone attending court buildings continue to practice the public health measures, follow the guidance of the Courts and the health and safety protocols put in place by the Courts Service namely:

  • wear face masks
  • physical distance at 2m
  • continue good hand and respiratory hygiene
  • avoid congregating in groups
  • comply with directions from Courts Service staff in relation to the management of the numbers of persons in court buildings and
  • if you have symptoms or if you have been directed to restrict your movement or awaiting the results of a Covid-19 test, you are asked not to attend court.

Jurors attendance

If you are due to attend an existing trial but have concerns about public transport please call the contact number on the summons.

Please note the Courts Service may contact jurors who have confirmed their attendance and provided a mobile contact number by text with any changes to the information contained in their summons. Courts Services text messages will be sent from “Courts”, therefore only text messages received from “Courts” should be regarded as communication from the Courts Service.  When confirming attendance, if you are in a position to, please provide a contact mobile number.

If you have received a summons and are unsure please call the contact number on the summons.

Changes to juries, court sittings and court operations are typically made available through our Twitter account  - @CourtsServiceIE and on our webpages :

Covid-19 Notices
Covid-19 Response Updates
Jury Service Notices - January 2022

Jury Summons

Jury Summons

When you receive a Jury Summons:

1. Read the summons carefully. If you are satisfied that you are eligible for jury service answer ‘Yes’ in Part 1 – ‘I confirm that I am eligible for jury service’.

2.  If you believe that you are not eligible or disqualified for jury service, answer ‘Yes’ in Part 2 – ‘I believe that I am not eligible for jury service for the following reason’. Give the reason why you believe you are not eligible, or why you believe you are disqualified.

3. If you wish to be excused from jury service, enter the reason in Part 3 of the jury summons and enclose any supporting documents. If you are entitled to be excused as of right, state the reason here.

4. Return the Reply to Jury Summons.

When you have completed the Reply to Jury Summons form, return it by email to or in the pre-paid enveloped enclosed.  Please make sure to quote your unique jury number (top right corner of the summons) on any email or correspondence to the Jury Court Office. You should keep the Jury Summons and bring it to court with you if you are attending for jury service.

What happens after I return the Reply to Jury Summons form?

If you are eligible for jury service, you should attend on the date and time indicated on the Jury Summons.

If you completed Part 2 or Part 3 on the Jury Summons, the County Registrar will write to tell you if you have been excused or not and whether you have to attend.

Can I choose to just ignore the Jury Summons?

No. You must reply to the summons – it is compulsory. If you don’t respond to the summons, there are penalties for non-attendance at court. These are set out on the back page of the Jury Summons.

Unless you are ineligible, disqualified or excused, your attendance is mandatory, necessary and appreciated.  Jurors are an essential part of the legal process. Your function will be outlined to you by the judge if you are called to serve as a juror.

You can contact the office listed on your jury summons notice if you have difficulties with your notice.