The Probate Register Online contains details of Grants of Representation (i.e. Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration) which have issued in the Republic of Ireland since 1992


For Grants of Representation before 1992, please contact the National Archives of Ireland.

Wills which have been submitted as part of an application for a Grant of Representation become public documents once such a Grant has issued and may be requested from the Probate Office in Dublin or the appropriate District Probate Registry.


Before accessing the Search, please read the instuctions below

Probate Register search parameters

The search function allows for searches using:

  • The name of the deceased
  • Their date of death

In some instances, a person may have had multiple names (i.e. Mary Smith otherwise Máire Smith). The entries reflect the information presented to us and so it may be necessary to check for variations of a name or other aliases by which the deceased person was known.

If the deceased’s surname began with Mc, Mac, O’, Ó, Ní, Nic or Uí, omitting these prefixes may allow you to broaden the search, e.g. Connell should return all McConnells, MacConnells and Nic Connells.

Please note that the search is not affected by using upper or lower case.

Important information

Please note that the search will only yield a result where a Grant of representation has issued in an estate

It is your responsibility to ensure that the spellings of names are correct.  If a search yields no result, it may be prudent to try alternative spellings of names.

If you wish to order a copy of any document associated with an estate you must note the FULL RECORD NUMBER and quote this when ordering.

Please note that if the search result indicates that the Grant Type is “Intestate” this means that the deceased had no will.


Search entry convention Correct format Incorrect format
The search will look for matching details. Where you wish to search for variations of a name or aliases with the same starting letter(s), you should use as asterisk * as in the examples Ma* (for Mary,
otherwise Margaret)
J* (for John otherwise Jack)
Surnames with Mc/Mac should have a space Paul Mac Grath
Paul Mc Cartney
Paul MacGrath
Paul McCartney
Surnames with O' should have no space Mark O'Neill Mark O'Neill
Surnames with Ó or Ní (i.e. Irish language surnames) should have a space

Seán Ó Riada
Máire Ní Mhurchú

Sean ÓRiada
Máire NíMhurchú
All other diacritics (i.e. other than in the context of the Irish language) should be omitted Pena, Ozil, facade, sake Peña, Özil, façade, saké
Abbreviations are not used in addresses Apartment 4
South Great George's Street
Apt 4
Sth Great George's St

Ordering Copies of Probate Documents

Once a grant of probate or letters of administration has issued, copies of the grant and the original will may be obtained on payment of the appropriate fee by any member of the public.

The Probate Office and the District Probate Registries hold the records for grants which have issued within the past 20 years. The records for grants which issued prior to this are held at the National Archives. These may be inspected in the Reading Room of the National Archives, Bishop Street, Dublin 8.

NB The letters in the record number indicate the office where the Grant issued.  When requesting a copy document, you MUST apply to the office that issued the Grant.

A list of offices is here:

Principal Probate Office (Dublin): PO

Castlebar:         CB

Cavan:              CN

Clonmel:          CL

Cork:                CK

Dundalk:          DK

Galway:            GY

Kilkenny:          KY

Letterkenny:     LD

Limerick:          LK

Mullingar:        MR

Sligo:               SO

Tralee:              TR

Waterford:        WD

Wexford:          WX

To apply for copy documents you must fully complete this Order Form and pay the relevant fee.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you pay the correct fee.  Failure to do so will mean your request will not be processed.

You may send the completed Order Form and pay the fee in the following ways:
1. Solicitors must pay fees in stamped court fees. These may be obtained from the stamping offices located in various court offices around the country;
2. Members of the public may pay fees with Postal/Money Orders, or by cheques made payable to the Courts Service.

For District Probate Registries, please contact the relevant District Probate Registry for information on payment methods.