Search Tips

Search Tips

1. Do not use punctuation in titles or names

  • no apostrophes - O Neill
  • no commas
  • no full stops

2. If you are unsure of spelling just enter the first few letters of the name. The search results will include all names beginning with those letters.

3. As a general rule leave a space after MC  MAC or O  -  Mc Donald  -  O Donnell

4. The following are all entered in the Surname Field:       

  • Company names
  • Ministers
  • Attorney General
  • Ireland

5. Always omit ‘The’ or ‘An’ in a title  -   Minister for Education  -   Bord Iascaigh Mhara

6. Abbreviations may be used so it can be useful to search under both options 

  • LTD and limited
  • T/A and trading as
  • P/A and practising as
  • & CO / and company
  • MJELR and Minister for Justice Equality and Law Reform

7. Use square brackets in the following instances -  Bloggs[Minor]  or  Bloggs[APUM] = A person of unsound mind not so found

8. Companies Acts Applications – the company name should be entered in the Plaintiff field

9.Bail applications – the applicant’s name is entered in  the Defendant field

10. The record number of a High Court Case is made up of three distinct fields - year, number and proceedings type-2007 1234 P

11. A list number or setting down number is made up of four distinct fields - set down type, number, letter and venue -  PI  12345  A  DN. The letter field is only used where cases have been transferred from one list to another and can usually be left blank when searching.

12. When searching using the date a case was in court you must also select a list from the drop-down menu entitled “list type”

Other Useful Information 

The legal diary will often provide additional information regarding court listings

Legal Diary

Search results

 XX will be returned as a result for a court listing where that result has not yet been entered on the Central Office Case tracking system and the court date has passed