Order 1



1. Sittings of the Court shall be held in the places, on the days and at the hours from time to time appointed under the statutory and other provisions in that behalf for the time being in force.

Further sittings

A Judge may, however, hold a sitting of the Court within his or her district—

(1) at a place or time not so appointed, for the preliminary examination of indictable offences;
(2) at a time not so appointed, for the purpose of hearing any proceedings adjourned from a sitting so appointed; and
(3) at a place or time not so appointed for the hearing of such summary offences as may be specified from time to time by order of the Minister pursuant to section 15 of the Courts Act, 1971.


Times and places at which business may be transacted

*2. A Judge may when sitting at a place, on a day, and at an hour appointed for the transaction of any particular class of business of the Court, transact at such sitting any other class of business of the Court.

*Courts of Justice Act 1953 [s.27 (2)].