Amendment to Order 38

S.I. No. 703 of 2005: District Court (Taxes consolidation Act 1997) (Amendment) Rules 2005

The District Court Rules Committee, in exercise of the powers conferred on them by section 91 of the Courts of Justice Act 1924, section 72 of the Courts of Justice Act 1936, section 17 of the Interpretation Act 1937 [as applied by section 48 of the Courts (Supplemental Provisions) Act 1961] and section 34 of the Courts (Supplemental Provisions) Act 1961, do hereby, with the concurrence of the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform, make the following rules of court:-

1. These rules may be cited as the District Court (Taxes Consolidation Act 1997)(Amendment) Rules 2005.

2. These rules shall come into operation on the 7th day of December 2005 and shall be read together with all other District Court Rules for the time being in force.

3. The District Court Rules 1997 (SI No. 93 of 1997) shall be amended by the substitution in sub-rule (7) of rule 2 of Order 38 for the words "has been or is or was about to be committed" of the words "has been or is about to be committed".

4.  The Forms numbered 38.12 and 38.13 in Schedule 1 hereto shall be substituted for the Forms of the same number in Schedule B to the District Court Rules, 1997 (S.I. No. 93 of 1997).