Order 45E

Amendment : S.I. No. 17 Of 2014

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No 45E-S.I. No. 598 Of 2014: District Court (General) Rules 2014


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S.I. No. 17 of 2014 - provisions overview

1 Court’s power to permit amendment

1. (1) The Court may, at any stage of civil proceedings:

(a) permit any party to alter or amend his or her statement of claim or pleading in the manner and on the terms the Court considers just;

(b) disallow any amendment already made; or

(c) amend any defect or error in any proceeding.

(2) All amendments must be permitted as are necessary for the purpose of determining the real questions in controversy between the parties.


2 Manner of amendment

2. (1) A pleading or other document may be amended by written alterations in the copy which has been served, and in the copy which has been filed. Where necessary, extensive amendments may be set out on additional sheets of paper to be inserted into the pleading at a place indicated in the pleading.

(2) When an amendment has been made, the amended document must be indorsed as follows: "Amended on the ..... day of ..... 20.... pursuant to Order dated the ...... day of ....... 20....".

(3) All amendments must be underlined so as to distinguish the amendments from the original text.


3 Clerical errors

3. The Court may correct any clerical mistake in a judgment or order, or any error arising in a judgment or order from any accidental slip or omission, at any time on the application by notice of motion of the party seeking the correction on notice to the party sought to be affected by the correction.