Index of Practice Directions

Practice Directions Status: Current version as at 12 Dec 2018

HC02 Ex-parte applications for judicial review
HC08 Affidavits
HC09 Personal injury actions at country venues
HC10 Disclosure of reports and statements
HC15 Court funds - payment out of funds - interest
HC16 Court funds - payment out of funds - stamp duty
HC17 Court funds - acceptance of lodgment
HC19 Court funds - lodgment of minor funds
HC20 Chancery - documents to be lodged
HC23 Common law motion list
HC26 Withdrawal of action - Dublin personal injury list
HC27 Court funds - payment of funds out of the High Court
HC28 Companies Acts - applications under s.150(1) Companies Acts 1990
HC30 Court funds - Transfer of Circuit Court action to High Court
HC32 European Convention on Human Rights
HC33 Electronic transmission of judgments
HC34 Succession Act 1965 section 34(1)
HC39 Commissions of Investigations Act 2004
HC41 European enforcement orders
HC42 Cases stated to the High Court
HC43 European Communities (Freedom to Provide Services) (lawyers) Regulations, 1979 to 2004
HC45 Use of video conferencing link for taking evidence in civil cases
HC47 Applications for judgment by consent
HC48 Common law motions - judgment in default of appearance
HC49 Inland revenue affidavit
HC52 Allocation of business to Deputy Master
HC53 Books of pleadings
HC54 Proceedings involving a litigant in person
HC55 Companies Acts - winding up petitions
HC57 Costs applications in uncontested proceedings under Article 40.4 of the Constitution and for judicial review
HC58 Setting down for trial in medical negligence actions
HC59 Ex parte motions to the court
HC62 Regulation (EU) No 1215/2012 on jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters (Brussels I recast)
HC65 Service of the Statement of Affairs and the Statement of Personal Information on the Official Assignee and the Publication of the Notice of Adjudication
HC66 Personal Insolvency Practitioner Letters in Bankruptcy Matters
HC67 Title of proceedings
HC68 Written submissions
HC70 Personal injuries - trespass to the person
HC72 McKenzie Friends
HC75 Certificate of readiness in non jury and chancery actions
HC76 Personal Injuries Actions arising from allegations of bullying and/or harassment
HC77 McKenzie Friends
HC79 Judicial review - procedure in respect of cases listed for hearing
HC81 Asylum, immigration and citizenship list
HC82 Personal insolvency list
HC83 Appeals from the Circuit Court in respect of Personal Insolvency and Examinership cases
HC84 Motions for judgment in summary summons proceedings
HC85 Commercial list
HC87 Enduring Power of Attorney Act, 1996
HC88 Wards of Court
HC89 Consent Orders
HC91 Practice Direction for all claims (excluding personal injury claims) in which oral evidence will be given.
HC92 General Practice Direction for Personal Injury actions
HC93 Commercial List Revised Practice Direction
HC95 Affidavits of Medical Practitioners Supporting a Petition
HC99 Enduring Powers of Attorney - Medical Reports
HC100 Bankruptcy
HC102 Wards of Court - Form to accompany all High Court Wardship Petitions and Applications
HC104 Applications to have cases in Dublin Personal Injuries List heard on a remote platform.
HC105 Applications Pursuant to Construction Contracts Act 2013
HC106 Master's Court
HC108 Consent Orders
HC113 Commercial Court List
HC115 Professional Disciplinary List
HC116 Arbitration List
HC117 Master's Court
HC118 President's List
HC120 Wards of Court
HC121 Wards of Court Review Pursuant to S.107 or S.108 ADMCA
HC122 Commercial Court List
HC123 Inherent Jurisdiction (Capacity) Applications
HC125 Payment on Account of Costs Pending Adjudication
HC126 Planning & Environment List
HC127 Non Jury List: Hearing of Witness Actions in the Non Jury List