Meet the DTC Liaison Nurse



I am involved in all of the clinical aspects of your progress from the time of initial assessment right through the three phases of the DTC programme to graduation.

I will meet with you within two weeks of your referral. We will talk about your drug use, any medical issues you may have, what medication you take, any drug treatment you have had in the past, or are currently attending. This information builds a picture of your individual addiction story, what you have tried to do, if you have had clean time and what areas you need help with.  We will also look at your motivation to change.

After your assessment I will write up an individual treatment plan for you, which will include if you are on treatment, your urinalysis regime and counselling information. This plan is drawn up with help from your doctor or clinical team. Once you sign this in court, it becomes part of your bail bond, and it will be reviewed regularly. You are involved in this plan.

I liaise with anyone that you see from a treatment point of view but also housing, social workers, counsellors, community drug projects, etc., anyone you are in contact with. The consent form you sign allows this communication to happen, in order to help you, share information and ensure that our plan for you is holistic and takes in all areas of your life that you need help with.

It is my job to inform the court about treatment options, interpret urines, and be a source of information and expertise on all aspects of treatment and medical issues.

I will provide reports weekly at the DTC pre court meetings. I will share urine results and attendance at treatment appointments including counselling with the team

I will attend personal progression plan meetings which we do every 6-8 weeks with you, to look at goals and discuss your progress

If you need extra support or we need to discuss something to do with your treatment plan, I can meet with you individually by appointment

I attend meetings, other drug projects, clinics, etc. to talk about the DTC, to ensure we keep up our public profile and other organisations know who we are, to make referrals