Common Questions

Common Questions

What is this system?

This website allows the user to search the Irish High Court case tracking system. The system contains details of all cases issued in the High Court since August 1993. The information available includes:

  • the record number of the case
  • names of the parties
  • names of the solicitors firm representing the parties
  • court listings
  • documents filed
  • outline details of the orders made

How recent is this information?

The information on this site is updated daily.

How do I search for a case?

When you click on Proceed to High Court Search link, you are brought to a Search screen. You must enter valid data in at least two of the searchable fields to carry out a Search.

How do I view the results of my Search?

Enter your search criteria and click “Search Now” button.  The “Search Results” table will pop up displaying each case matching your search terms.

I’ve found the Case I need.  How do I get further information?

The right hand column of the Search Results table is headed “View Details”.  There is a link entitled “View” on each line.  By clicking the “View” link for the case you wish to view, you will be able to access further information on that case. Use your mouse or the up and down arrow to scroll down through the case details.

Each section of information has an arrow on the top right opposite the section name.  Clicking on this arrow will hide the information from view . Click on the arrow again to display the hidden information.

What will I find in the Plaintiff Details section?

 This screen gives the names of all Plaintiffs in the case and their Solicitors

What will I find in the Defendant Details section?

 This screen gives the names of all Defendants in the case and their Solicitors

 What will I find in the Case Details section?

The Case Details Section will display the date the proceedings were issued, the date the matter was set down for trial (if it has been) , the set down reference number, and, in cases which have been appealed to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court reference and the date the appeal was lodged.

What will I find in the Filings section?

This section displays the date and type of document filed in the Central Office of the High Court

What will I find in the Orders section?

This section displays the date and brief details of Orders made by the Court that are resulted on the system.

What will I find in the Listings section?

 This screen displays any dates the case is listed before the Court, the List on which it was entered, and the result.

What will I find in the Judgments section?

 This will give you the date judgment was delivered, the Judge, and the date the written judgment was made available (Distributed)

My Search hasn’t found the case I wanted.  What can I do?

 You can return to the Search screen using the Back button on your browser.  You can then amend your search terms, or refine your search by adding more search terms or broaden your search with less information.  You can also start a new search by using the “Clear Filters” button and then the “Search Now” button or the “Search” button on the top left of the screen.

I only know the Plaintiff’s name.  Will I find my case?

Yes, but searching by Plaintiff’s surname and forename will return all cases with a Plaintiff of that name.  In the case of more common names this list could be quite large, and it would be helpful if you were able to add some additional search terms, for example the Defendant’s name or year.

How do I search for cases involving Companies?

 You should enter the Company’s name in the Plaintiff or Defendant Surname field.

Can I save the Search results?

 This database does not allow searches to be saved.  You can copy the results into standard word processing or spreadsheet applications.

I searched for a surname beginning with O’ e.g. O’Reilly and I got an error message.  What should I do?

 You should enter the surname with a space instead of the apostrophe e.g. O Reilly.  This will give you the results you need

How do I search for a case involving a Minister?

Titles of office holders e.g. Minister for Finance, Attorney General etc. should be entered in the Plaintiff or Defendant Surname field, as appropriate excluding 'The'

Why are some case details unavailable?

 Cases which are heard in camera (in private) are not available to search on this site.

 These are cases which are not heard in public either because of legislation or because a Court order has been made directing that details of the case are not to be published.