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Card payments

If you need to make a payment through the Courts Service, you have the option to make a payment by card in Circuit and District Court offices nationwide.

We accept payment cards for the following payment types:

  • Civil Applications Debit & Credit Cards
  • Small claims applications Debit & Credit Cards
  • Fines Debit & Credit Cards
  • Poor Box Debit & Credit Cards
  • Family Law Payments Debit Cards Only
  • Bail* Debit Cards Only
  • Independent Sureties* Debit Cards Only

 * Bail and Independent Sureties are subject to €500 maximum payment


We cannot accept payment cards in the following instances:

  • When used in conjunction with cash/cheques
  • From virtual cards and mobile apps (including Revolut, Apple Pay, Google Pay  etc.)

Payment of Stamp Duty

Payment of Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is payable by cash, bank draft, postal money order and/or cheque.
Payment by cheque,bank draft or postal money order should be made payable to the Chief Clerk of the relevant District Court office. Payments to the Wicklow Circuit Court office should be made to the County Registrar.

Stamp duty can also be paid through the post by following these steps:

- enclose the relevant document and fee,
- ensure the document and fee are posted in plenty of time to allow for return, especially in cases where there are time limits for lodgement of documents,
- supply a contact telephone number with your application,
- the payment must be by bank draft, postal money order or cheque.



With effect from 1st January 2014, fees are only refunded in the following circumstances;

the document on which the fee is paid does not require a fee under the Fees Order
the fee paid was in excess of what was required to be paid under the Fees Order
a duplicate document is stamped in relation to the same case
there is an error on the face of a document and an amended document has been lodged with the relevant court office
the fee has already been paid by another party in relation to the same case

A fee is not refundable in the event that:

following payment of the court fee, a decision has been made not to proceed with the application
an area exemption has been granted prior to a licensing application being made for a Special Exemption within the same area and during the same period.

Further Information:

No refund will be granted if the fee was stamped over 6 years prior to refund application.
An unused stamp cannot be transferred for use on another future application.

To claim a refund:

In order to claim a refund, customers should complete the Application for Refund of Court Fees which can also be obtained from any court office or the Finance Section, Resource Management Directorate, Courts Service, Phoenix House, 15/24 Phoenix Street North, Smithfield, Dublin 7. Tel. (01) 888 6074 and (01)  888 6077

This form should be completed and submitted to the above address together with the original stamped document on which the refund is sought. Failure to attach the original stamped document will delay the processing of your application.

This policy applies to all documents which are franked with a date after 1st January, 2014. All documents which are franked with a date prior to 1st January, 2014 will be dealt with under the policy existing prior to that date.

To claim a refund of online payment of Court Fee please use:

CSOL Online payment - Application for Refund of Court Fees