Judicial review - procedure in respect of cases listed for hearing

Judicial Review

Procedure in respect of cases listed for hearing

On Thursday of each week judicial review cases listed for the Tuesday to Friday in the following week will be called-over. Parties are required to attend at this call-over and indicate whether or not the case is proceeding. Cases in which there is no appearance will be struck out.

On the day of trial the Applicant is required to lodge with the registrar to the judge assigned to hear the case a bound book containing the following documents:

(i) Copy of notice of motion

(ii) Copy order giving leave to make application for judicial review

(iii) Copy Statement grounding application

(iv) Copy Affidavit verifying statement

(v) Copy exhibits

(vi) Copy statement of opposition (if any)

(vii) Copy affidavit verifying statement of opposition (if any)

(viii) Affidavit of personal service of motion, statement, affidavit and order giving leave, on all parties to be served, (Order 84 R.22(6))

(ix) Copy written submissions on points or issues of law (if any)

(x) In applications for orders of certiorari copy of order/decision the subject of the application verified by affidavit (if not already exhibited above). See Order 84 R.27(2)).

In cases where the application for judicial review is directed to be made by plenary summons, Practice Direction HC 53 applies. 

Practice Directions HC04 and HC05 are hereby rescinded.

Dated 7th August, 2018

Peter Kelly
President of the High Court

High court