Certificate of readiness in non jury and chancery actions

1. This Practice Direction must be complied with before a Non Jury or Chancery case will be allotted a trial date.

2. A Certificate of Readiness must be completed before a trial date is sought.

3. A Certificate of Readiness to proceed to trial in respect of actions set down for trial in the Non Jury and Chancery Lists must be signed by Counsel (or, where Counsel is not briefed, by a solicitor, or by the certifying party if unrepresented) and filed in the Central Office prior to applying for a date for hearing.

4. The Certificate of Readiness shall be in the form appended and a filed copy of same shall be furnished to the Court upon application for a hearing date on notice to the other parties.

5. With effect from 9th April, 2018 the party who desires to certify the proceedings as ready for trial and to seek a hearing date shall give a month’s notice to the other parties of the intention to do so.  During that period the parties must consult so as to ensure accurate completion of the Certificate of Readiness, particularly insofar as the duration of the trial is concerned.

6. A failure to provide an accurate certificate particularly concerning the duration of the trial or to cooperate in the consultation process referred to at paragraph 5 may result in costs consequences for the parties regardless of the result of the action.

7. This Practice Direction comes into force on 9th April, 2018 and Practice Direction HC14 is rescinded as of that date.

Dated 27th February, 2018
Peter Kelly,
President of the High Court










I, [INSERT NAME] Counsel/Solicitor for the Plaintiff/Defendant or Plaintiff/ Defendant in person in the above entitled proceedings, having consulted with the other parties herein, certify as follows

1. that the proceedings are ready for trial without the necessity for further motions or court listings

2. that it is proposed to call expert witnesses and that such experts have prepared and exchanged reports and that there has been a meeting of those experts */ that it is not proposed to call expert witnesses

3. that the hearing of this action will take [INSERT NUMBER] days

Signed: ____________________________
           Counsel/Solicitor for the Plaintiff/Defendant or Plaintiff/ Defendant in person
           [Insert Address]

* If it is not intended that reports be exchanged and / or experts meet an explanation is required.

To:    Chief Registrar    
         Central Office          
         High Court
         Four Courts       
         Dublin 7 

High court