Applications Pursuant to Construction Contracts Act 2013

I, Mary Irvine, President of the High Court, hereby issue the following Practice Direction in accordance with section 11(12) and (13) of the Civil Law and Criminal Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2020.

  1. This Practice Direction will come into effect on 26th April, 2021. 
  2. Subject to para 3. below and/or the existence of any court order to contrary effect, all applications for the leave of the Court to enforce or to enter judgment in respect of a decision of an adjudicator pursuant to section 6(11) of the Construction Contracts Act 2013 shall, subject to notice requirements, be made returnable before the High Court (Mr. Justice Simons) at 10.30 on the first available Wednesday.  Papers should be filed in hard copy form in the List Room and an electronic or soft copy emailed to the appropriate registrar the preceding Friday.
  3. For any such application commenced during the long vacation, the originating notice of motion shall, subject to notice requirements, be returnable before the Duty Judge at 10:30 on the first available Wednesday.
  4. The presiding judge on the return date will give such directions as he or she considers necessary to ensure that the application will be heard and determined with all due expedition. 

Mary Irvine
President of the High Court
16th April, 2021

High court