Notice of motion for bail by persons in custody

1. A Notice of Motion issued pursuant to Order 84 Rule 15 (1) returnable on or after the 6th day of October 2014 whereby an applicant in custody seeks bail shall include specifically the numbers of the charge sheets in respect of which bail is sought. This information shall be set out in the Form 1 appended to this practice direction and shall include such other information as is provided for therein. The Form 1 shall be attached to said motion at the time of filing in the Central Office of the High Court.

2. Any supplemental charges sought to be put before the court subsequent to filing of the said motion shall be set out on a supplemental Form 1, which said form shall be furnished to the appropriate registrar for inclusion in any order made in respect of those charges.

3. The order of the court shall recite only those charges recited on a Form 1 and supplemental Form 1.

4. The practice of lodging charge sheets by way of exhibits to the affidavit grounding such a notice of motion in the Central Office is discontinued.

5. The attention of practitioners is directed to the provisions of S.I. 811 of 2004 in respect of the information required to be included in an affidavit grounding such an application for bail.

Dated this 10th day of September 2014

Nicholas J Kearns
President of the High Court

Form 1 

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