Dublin Civil Combined Offices

The Dublin Civil Combined Offices include: the Stamp Office, the District Civil Office, the Circuit Civil Office, the Licensing & Small Claims Office and the Judgments Office.


You can schedule an appointment online to visit the public counters of the above offices for:

  • Stamping papers with relevant Stamp Duty *.
  • Filing documents for the Dublin Civil Courts.
  • Making applications to the Dublin Civil Courts.
  • Queries relating to the Dublin Civil Courts.
  • Collecting further copies of attested court orders/pleadings from file.
  • Queries and filings to the Judgments section (District & Circuit).

* Please note: From 6 June 2023, Stamp Office hours are being extended. A walk-in service will be available from 09:30 to 13:00. Appointments are then required between 13:15 and 15:15.


For Urgent Matters where it is not possible to make an appointment, a walk-in service will be provided. Please attend the relevant counter and our staff will accommodate you.


NB: Non-urgent matters will NOT be accepted without an appointment.


About this office


Office Addresses:

Judgments & Stamp Office Public Counters, Ground Floor Aras Ui Dhalaigh, Inns Quay, Dublin 7.

Circuit & District Civil Public Counters, 1st Floor Aras Ui Dhalaigh, Inns Quay, Dublin 7.

Licensing & Small Claims Public Counters, 1st Floor Aras Ui Dhalaigh, Inns Quay, Dublin 7.


Opening Hours:

Stamp Office & Judgments Office: 10am – 12.30 (Closed for Lunch) 13.30 – 16:00.

Licensing & Small Claims Office: 10am – 12.30 (Closed for Lunch) 14:00 – 16:00.

District & Circuit Civil Office: 10am – 13.00 (Closed for Lunch) 14:00 – 16:30.


Office Contact Numbers:

Judgments Office - 01 8886879


Licensing & Small Claims Office:

01 888 6381 (Licensing)

01 888 6940 (Small Claims)


Circuit & District Office:

01 9456809 (District)

01 9456810 (Circuit)


Email Addresses for each section:

District & Circuit Civil Office – dublinciviloffice@courts.ie

District & Circuit Licensing Office - dublinlicensing@courts.ie

District Small Claims Office - smallclaimsdmd@courts.ie

Judgments Office - cdjudgments@courts.ie


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