A list of frequently asked questions for motion.

You must first prepare your notice of motion and a grounding affidavit.

A notice of motion sets out the nature of your application to court (i.e. what you want the court to do).  It is usually based (or ‘grounded’) on a sworn statement of facts supporting the application (an ‘affidavit’).  It is signed by the partly applying (or their solicitor).  It must be issued in the Court of Appeal Office before being served on the other side in the case within certain time limits before it is heard by the court.

There is court stamp duty – currently €60.00 – on the notice of motion and stamp duty – currently €20.00 – on the grounding affidavit.

The motion will give a date for hearing before one judge on a Friday.  The judge may decide that the motion should be heard by three judges.  In that case, he/she will adjourn it for hearing on a Monday.