In this section you will find the fees payable in the offices attached to the Supreme Court and the High Court in the District Probate Registries for copies of documents.

Part 3 - Fees payable in the Office of the Registrar of the Court of Appeal

Item Fees Document to be stamped

1. On filing -
(i) an application for leave to appeal,
(ii) a notice of expedited appeal, or
(iii) a notice of appeal (including a notice of appeal to which Rule 19 of Order 86A of the Rules of the Superior Courts applies),

provided that where a fee has been paid in respectof an application for leave to appeal and such leave is granted, no fee shall be payable on the filing of a notice of expedited appeal or a notice of appeal in respect of that appeal

€250.00 The notice
2. On filing a notice of intention to make an interlocutory ex parte application €60.00 The notice
3. On filing a respondent's notice €60.00 The notice
4. On filing or lodging a case stated €70.00 The case stated
5. On filing a notice of motion to the Court of Appeal €60.00 The notice
6. On filing an affidavit €20.00 The affidavit
7. (a) Subject to paragraph (b) for issuing a printed copy of a document on a court file whether attested or plain, other than a copy of a judgment (a) €15.00 The copy document or court fee card
(b) for making an attested copy of a criminal appeal transcript (b) €0.80 per page The copy document or court fee card
8. For provision of a copy judgment €14.00 plus an additional €1.00 in respect of every 4 pages photocopied The attested copy or court fee card