Order 23

Reply and Subsequent Pleadings

1. No reply shall be necessary in any case where all the material statements of fact in the relevant pleading are merely to be denied and put in issue.

2. A plaintiff shall deliver his reply, where necessary, within fourteen days from the delivery of the defence or the last of the defences unless the time shall be extended by the Court.

3. No pleading subsequent to reply other than a joinder of issue shall be pleaded without leave of the Court, and then only upon such terms as the Court shall think fit.

4. Subject to rule 3, every pleading subsequent to reply shall be delivered within four days from the delivery of the previous pleading, unless the time shall be extended by the Court.

5. Where a counterclaim is pleaded, a reply thereto shall be subject to the rules applicable to a defence.

6. As soon as any party has joined issue upon the preceding pleading of the opposite party simply without adding any further or other pleading thereto, or has made default as mentioned in Order 27, rule 11, the pleadings as between such parties shall be deemed to be closed.