Order 10

Indorsement of claim

1. In proceedings on bills of exchange, promissory notes or other securities for money, the Civil Bill shall set forth the dates of the same respectively, the sums for which the same were respectively given, and the sums claimed to be due thereon for principal and interest, and the rate of such interest, the parties to the same respectively, and the dates when the same respectively became due and payable.

2. In all proceedings for rent and for use and occupation of land, the Civil Bill shall state the amount claimed for rent or use and occupation and the period up to which the same is alleged to be due, the name of and the place in the town or townland and the county in which the land or tenements or part thereof are situate, and, when brought upon a lease or other instrument, the date thereof and the parties thereto.

3. In all proceedings founded upon any written document not included in the last two preceding Rules, the Civil Bill shall state the date of the document and the parties thereto and, if for the payment of money, the amount claimed, or, if for the breach of any contract, the alleged breach or breaches of such contract.

4. If a plaintiff, where the amount alleged to be due to him exceeds the jurisdiction of the Court, shall be satisfied to recover such sum as is within the jurisdiction, he shall state upon the face of the Civil Bill that he abandons all claim to any larger amount, and thereupon the Court may deal with the claim, and the decree (if any) made shall be in full satisfaction of the whole of the original demand.