Order 102A

Aviation Regulation Act 2001

1. [1]In this Order “the Act” means the Aviation Regulation Act 2001, and “the Commission” means the Commission for Aviation Regulation” established by section 5 of the Act.

2. Every application under section 39 of the Act shall be made by motion on notice to the person against whom relief is sought.

3. The notice of motion shall be entitled “In the matter of the Aviation Regulation Act 2001 and in the Matter of Section 39 thereof and on the Application of the Commission” and shall state concisely the determination or request in respect of which the application is brought and the relief sought; it shall state the date upon which it is proposed to apply to the Court for relief and shall be filed in the Central Office.

4. The application shall be grounded upon an affidavit or affidavits sworn on behalf of the Commission.  The notice of motion and affidavit shall be served on the person against whom the relief is sought.

5. There must be at least 4 days between the service of the notice and the day named therein for the hearing of the motion.

6. Subject to the right of the Court to give such directions in that behalf as it considers appropriate or convenient, evidence at the hearing of a motion under rule 2 shall be by affidavit.

[1]       Order 102A inserted by SI 810 of 2004, effective 18 November 2004.