Written submissions

1. Subject to directions of the Supreme Court and the following paragraphs of this direction, a copy of written submissions lodged in or transmitted to the Supreme Court Office or handed in to the Supreme Court on or after the 7th October, 2013 in relation to, or in the course of, the hearing of any appeal or matter will be made available to any person requesting same, on payment of any fee chargeable for such copy.

2. A person making such a request will be provided with -

(a) a copy of such written submissions in the form in which they have been received or

(b) where paragraph 3 applies, a copy of the redacted version of such written submissions lodged in accordance with that paragraph.

3. With effect from the date aforementioned, each party to an appeal or matter shall, where the written submissions contain any information the publication of which is prohibited by, or would contravene any restriction contained in, any enactment or rule of law or order of a court, transmit to the Office of the Supreme Court a redacted version of that party’s written submissions in electronic format, from which all such information shall have been deleted.

4. It shall be the responsibility of the parties that submissions will not contain scandalous, abusive or vexatious material.

5. Submissions will not be made available prior to the commencement of the hearing of the appeal. Any publication by the person who obtains the submissions should respect any prohibition in law or order of the court.

6. A request for a copy of written submissions shall be made to the Registrar of the Supreme Court.

7. The Registrar of the Supreme Court may -

(a) seek the direction of the Supreme Court in relation to a request made under this direction,

(b) provide a copy of written submissions in electronic form.

Susan Denham
Chief Justice
7th October, 2013

Supreme Court