In this section you will find the fees payable in the Disrtict Court under Part 1, General.

Part 1 - General (summons, copy of information, application of an order, notice of appeal)

Item Fee Document to be stamped
1. On the issue of a summons (including a summons issued by a local authority under the Housing Acts) against one defendant or against several joint defendants or for the attendance of one or more witnesses €15.00 The original summons
2. On obtaining a copy of an information, a certified copy of an order, signed entry or other document €15.00 The court card
3. On obtaining a second or subsequent copy order in family law proceedings, in respect of each such copy €15.00 The court fee card
4. On an application for the removal of a disqualification order €55.00 The appliation or the notice
5. On an application for an order, or on a notice of appeal to the district court €25.00 The application or the notice