Part 7 - Fees payable in the Office of Wards of Court

Item Fee Document to be stamped
1. On every declaration order under section 68 or section 70 of the Lunacy Regulation (Ireland) Act 1871 €60.00 The order
2. On every declaration order under section 12 or section 15 of the said Act €60.00 The order
3. On every order taking a person into wardship as a minor €60.00 The order
4. On every discharge and dismissal order €60.00 The order
5. On every order for the purchase or sale of property €60.00 The order
6. On every order authorising building projects such as construction of houses and extensions €60.00 The order
7. On every order authorising the Accountant of the Courts of Justice to make a recurring payment €60.00 The order
8. Every certificate of enduring power of attorney €60.00 The certificate
9. On measuring a bill of costs and certifying the amount thereof - for every €20.00 or part thereof allowed €1.50 The bill of costs
10. For taking and certifying the result of an account - for each €200 found to have been received without deducting any payment €1.50
(but fee not to exceed €50)
The account
11. On exemplifying any copy of an order €15.00 The copy
12. For making an attested copy of a document (other than a first copy of an order) €15.00 The attested copy