You must lodge books of appeal no later than four weeks before the hearing date in accordance with Practice Direction CA 06

See Notice of the 13th of September 2021: Court of Appeal - Civil - Note for Parties in Court Of Appeal Proceedings regarding the lodging of Books of Appeal

[As at February 2020 this Practice Directions is in the process of being revised so it may be that the parties to an appeal will be notified of a requirement of the Court for the lodgment of additional documents in advance of the appeal hearing.  A recent change in practice is in relation to the lodgment of the books of authorities – see Notice in the Diary requiring the parties in an appeal which is listed for a day or more to lodge the books of authorities no later than 7 days in advance of the hearing and it may be that the Court will also direct the lodgment of the books of authorities in other appeals (regardless of duration) in advance of the appeal hearing.  Practice CA06 in its present form provides for the books of authorities to be handed in at the outset of the appeal hearing.]

The Court holds a ‘Callover’ two weeks before the hearing of an appeal to ensure that:

  • Directions in respect of submissions and any other directins have been complied with
  • Books of appeal have been lodged
  • The appeal is ready to proceed on the hearing date.