The Courts Service is responsible for the administration and management of the courts in Ireland.

All aspects of the court activities, with the exception of judicial functions, are the responsibility of the Courts Service.

The Courts Service primary functions are to manage the courts, support the judiciary, provide information on the courts system in Ireland to the public, and provide court buildings and facilities for court users.

Information in relation to the jurisdiction of each court

» Supreme Court
» Court of Appeal
» High Court
» Circuit Court
» District Court  

Access to services provided

The Courts Service provides direct services to the public through our court offices nationwide.

Full information on the business and functions of each court office are available in the Find Us section

Cost of services provided

Court Fees

» Lists of the fees payable in respect of court transactions
» Applications for a refund of court fees 

Services provided to the public by the Administrative & Support Offices

» Customer complaints
» Information Office
» Fines (Payment and Recovery) Act 2014
» Media Relations
» Use of Courts Service property for non-court purposes

Review or appeal of customer complaints

The Courts Service is subject to review by the Office of the Ombudsman in respect of the performance of administrative functions.

Research projects undertaken in respect of functions or services

No research projects have been undertaken.