Having regard to the opinion (“the Opinion”) expressed unanimously by three judges of the Supreme Court, having heard arguments in that regard from counsel on behalf of the Attorney Gen

31 Days ago
by brendanhoulihan

Please follow link below for new guidance note issued pursuant to Practice Direction SC 21:

33 Days ago
by brendanhoulihan

A new Practice Direction has been published to provide for certain matters in Civil Proceedings in the Dublin Metropolitan District Court.

40 Days ago
by brendanhoulihan

Amendments to the Court Core Book of authorities in terms of Practice Direction HC 97 have been made and published on the Courts.ie website

146 Days ago
by brendanhoulihan

President of the High Court Justice Mary Irvine has issued Practice Direction HC97 and associated Court eBooks of Authority.

170 Days ago
by saulphilbinbowman

A New District Court Practice Direction has issued:

191 Days ago
by saulphilbinbowman

Practice Directions HC 87 & HC 88 relating to

246 Days ago
by brendanhoulihan

A new High Court Practice Direction has issued

268 Days ago
by saulphilbinbowman

SOUTH EASTERN CIRCUIT                                                         


313 Days ago
by brendanhoulihan