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Rules of the Superior Courts

Amendment to: Order 84
S.I. No. 811 of 2004: Rules of the Superior Courts (Bail Applications) 2004

1. Order 84 rule 15(1) of the Rules of the Superior Courts is amended by the insertion of the following addition to the rule.
      "The affidavit of the applicant shall set forth fully the basis upon which the application is made to the High Court and in particular:

      (a) shall give particulars of whether and, if so, in what other Court bail has been refused to the applicant;

      (b) shall specify where the applicant is being detained;

      (c) shall specify the usual place of abode or address where the applicant normally resides;

      (d) shall specify the address at which it is proposed the applicant would reside, if granted bail;

      (e) shall provide full particulars of the offence or offences with which the applicant is charged;

      (f) shall include the identity, address and occupation of any proposed independent surety and of the amount that such surety may offer;

      (g) the terms of bail which were previously fixed in relation to the offences (if any);

      (h) whether there had been any previous High Court applications for bail in respect of the offences;

      (i) whether any warrants for failure to appear have been issued in relation to the applicant;

      (j) what surety and/or other conditions relating to bail (if any) the applicant is proposing;

      (k) the personal circumstances of the applicant and in particular whether the applicant was legally aided in relation to the charges in any other Court;

      (l) any other relevant circumstances".