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Rules of the Superior Courts

Amendment to: Order 75
S.I. No. 616 of 2015: Rules of the Superior Courts (Companies Act 2014) (No. 2) 2015


2. The Rules of the Superior Courts are amended:


      (v) by the substitution therein for rule 29 of Order 75 of the following rule:

        “29. In any proceedings in the Court to which section 863 of the Act applies, the Registrar of the Court shall send to the Registrar of Companies by registered prepaid post or by such other means, including electronic transmission, as the Registrar of the Court may agree with the Registrar of Companies the appropriate particulars prescribed for the purposes of that section of any order made required by the Companies Act 2014 (Part 14 Prescribed Officers) Regulations 2015 (S.I. No. 216 of 2015).”