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Rules of the Superior Courts

Amendment to: Order 4
S.I. No. 248 of 2005: Rules of the Superior Courts (Personal Injuries) 2005


5. Order 4 of the Rules of the Superior Courts is hereby amended by the substitution for rule 2 thereof, of the following:

      "2. Save in the case of a personal injuries summons as defined in Order 1A, the indorsement of claim on a plenary summons shall be entitled "General Indorsement of Claim" and there shall be an indorsement of the relief claimed and the grounds thereof expressed in general terms in such one of the forms in Appendix B, Part II as shall be applicable to the case, or, if none be found applicable, then such other similarly concise form as the nature of the case may require. The indorsement of claim on a personal injuries summons shall be as provided by Order 1A."