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Rules of the Superior Courts

Amendment to: Order 13
S.I. No. 14 of 2007: Rules of the Superior courts (Statutory Applications and Appeals) 2007

1. The rules of the Rules of the Superior Courts are hereby amended by:

      (iii) the insertion in Order 13, immediately following rule 2, of the following:

      “2A. Where any respondent in proceedings commenced by originating notice of motion pursuant to Order 84B or Order 84C fails to enter an appearance to such notice of motion (or, having failed to enter an appearance, has not been heard by leave of the Court in accordance with paragraph (a) of sub-rule (2A) of rule 2 of Order 12), the Court may, on the hearing of the motion, if satisfied as to the service of notice of the motion on that respondent, grant such of the reliefs sought in the notice of motion against such respondent as seem just and proper.”;