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Circuit Court Rules

Index of Rules

Order:1Sittings, Language And Office Hours
Order:2AJurisdiction And The Recognition And Enforcement Of Judgments In Civil Or Commercial Matters : S.I. No. 882 Of 2004
Order:3Judges' Robes And Mode Of Address To The Judges
Order:4Court Seal
Order:5Commencement Of Proceedings
Order:5AProcedure By Personal Injuries Summons : S.I. No. 526 Of 2005
Order:5BActions For Possession And Well-Charging Reliefs : S.I. No. 264 Of 2009
Order:5CDefamation Act 2009 : S.I. No. 486 Of 2009
Order:7Third Party Procedure
Order:8Actions By And Against Firms And Persons Carrying On Business In Names Other Than Their Own
Order:9Joinder Of Claims
Order:10Indorsement Of Claim
Order:11Issue Of Civil Bills - Service Of Documents : S.I. No. 132 Of 2009
Order:12Renewal Of Civil Bill : S.I. No. 221 Of 2019
Order:13Service Out Of The Jurisdiction
Order:14Service Out Of The Jurisdiction Under The 1998 Act, Regulation No. 1215/2012 Or The Lugano Convention : S.I. No. 618 Of 2015
Order:14AService Out Of The Jurisdiction Under: Council Regulation (Ec) No 2201/2003 (Matrimonial Matters And Matters Of Parental Responsibility)
Council Regulation (Ec) No 4/2009 (Maintenance Obligations) : S.I. No. 597 Of 2014
Order:14BService In Eu Member States (Including The State) Of Judicial And Extra-Judicial Documents : S.I. No. 883 Of 2004 (As Amended By S.I. No. 597 Of 2014)
Order:15Appearance, Defence, Lodgment, Offer Of Payment In Lieu Of Lodgment And Counterclaim
Order:16Security For Costs
Order:17Particulars And Further Particulars In Claim Or Defence
Order:18County Registrar
Order:19Side-Bar Applications
Order:19ACase Progression (General) : S.I. No. 539 Of 2009
Order:20Sittings In Chambers And Interlocutory Applications
Order:22Change Of Parties