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Circuit Court Rules

Amendment to: Order 18
S.I. No. 191 of 2008: Circuit Court Rules (County Registrar) 2008

1. These Rules, which may be cited as the Circuit Court Rules (County Registrar) 2008, shall come into operation on the 9 day of July 2008.

2. These Rules shall be construed together with the Circuit Court Rules 2001.

3. The Circuit Court Rules are amended by the insertion following sub-rule (3) of rule 1 of Order 18 of the following:

      “(4) Unless the same issue has been determined by the Judge (or an application for such a determination is pending before the Judge), the County Registrar may order that a further and better statement of the nature of the claim or Defence or counterclaim, or further and better particulars of any matter stated in any pleading, notice, or written proceeding requiring particulars, or copies of accounts or documents or further information referred to in Order 17, be delivered, upon such terms as to costs and otherwise as may be just.”