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Circuit Court Rules

Amendment to: Order 18
S.I. No. 1 of 2006: Circuit Court Rules (European Enforcement Orders) 2006

1. These Rules, which may be cited as the Circuit Court Rules (European Enforcement Orders), 2006, shall come into operation on the 7th day of February 2006.


3. The Circuit Court Rules are hereby amended by the substitution for rule 7 of Order 18 thereof, of the following:

      “9. Save in the case of a European Enforcement Order certificate issued by the County Registar in accordance with Order 35A, any party dissatisfied with any certificate, ruling or decision of the County Registrar, may, within ten days from the date of such certificate, ruling or decision, apply to the Judge by motion on notice to review such certificate, ruling or decision, and the Judge may thereupon make such order as he shall think fit.”

4. Forms 19A and 19B contained in the Schedule hereto shall be inserted in the Schedule to the Circuit Court Rules, immediately after Form 19.