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Circuit Court Rules

Order: 3

Judges' robes and mode of address to the judges

The below amendment(s) have been made to this instrument which can be viewed by clicking on the link(s):

No3-S.I. No. 274 Of 2006: Circuit Court Rules (Mode Of Address Of Judges) 2006
No3-S.I. No. 523 Of 2011: Circuit Court Rules (Judges' Robes) 2011
No3-S.I. No. 433 Of 2016: Circuit Court Rules (Judges’ Robes) 2016

    1. The Judges shall during the sittings of the Court wear: a black coat and vest of uniform nature and material, of the kind heretofore worn by Senior Counsel; a black gown of uniform make; white bands as heretofore worn; and a wig of the kind known as the small or bobbed wig, save as otherwise provided.

    2. A Judge shall be addressed in Court by his title, and may be referred to in Irish as "An Chúirt" or in English as "The Court".