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District Court Licensing

Brief summary of licensing business;

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  • licensing matters as they relate to intoxicating liquor licences (objections to and transfer of);
  • restaurant certificates;
  • club registrations;
  • public dance licences;
  • public music and singing licences;
  • exemption orders and such like.

Each year in September the annual licensing court takes place.

Some of the matters dealt with are:

  • renewal of restaurant certificates
  • renewal of club registrations
  • renewal of annual public dance licences
  • renewal of public music and singing licences
  • objections to the renewal of liquor licences
  • transfers of liquor licences


A fee is payable on the great majority of licensing applications. Details of these fees are available in the District Court Fees Order.


Precedents for the several applications which can be made to the court are available in the District Court Rules.

Register of licenses

A register of licenses is kept in the office containing 'particulars of all licences for the sale of intoxicating liquors existing in respect of premises within the court area and of all renewals, transfers and other proceedings affecting the said licences'. The register also contains details of convictions and other matters relating to the licences. In addition to this, the register contains particulars of off-licences (beer and spirit) and wholesale beer dealers licences.

Any person is permitted to inspect this register on payment of the relevant fee.

Register of clubs

A register of clubs is also kept containing details of the name of the clubs in the in the court area; details of the date of granting of and renewal of the certificate of registration; the address of the club; the names and addresses of the committee and officials of the club.

Any person is permitted to inspect this register and a copy of the club rules on payment of the relevant fee.

Orders which must be submitted to the District Court office (or in Dublin - the District Licensing Office) for signing by the judge are as follows;

  • wine off-licence - certificates
  • spirit, beer and wine off-licence - certificates
  • wholesale beer dealers licence - certificate
  • orders to amend the licensing register
  • certificates of revival - orders made under section 30 Intoxicating Liquor Act 1960
  • lottery / bingo licences


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