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District Court Civil Business

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District Court Offices

The jurisdiction of the District Court is €15,000 in all cases.

  • civil actions for contract
  • breach of contract
  • tort and claims for damages unconnected with contract
  • recovery of monies advanced
  • ejectments from private rented dwellings
  • malicious injuries applications
  • amendments to birth certificates
  • marriage certificates
  • naturalisation of aliens

The following is a list of civil business of the District Court office:

  • the issuing of civil summons / summary civil summons / infants summons / ejectment summons
  • allocating return dates and hearing dates for the hearing of civil business
  • receipt of monies relating to civil lodgements, infants accounts, enforcement warrants
  • issuing debtor summons, variation summons, committal summons, orders for arrest and imprisonment, instalment orders, variation orders
  • issue of summary judgement decrees, memoranda of the registry of a judgement
  • processing of appeals against orders
  • investing monies for the benefit of infants as a result of court orders relating to said infants
  • issuing of malicious injuries summons and perfecting of these orders
  • issue of outside jurisdiction summons
  • transferring civil summons from the District Court to the Circuit Court
  • receiving civil bills from the Circuit Court for hearing in the District Court
  • providing the legal profession, plaintiff, defendant and the public with information regarding court dates, hearing dates, decrees made and adjournments
  • certification of judgment mortgage affidavit
  • entering affidavits of satisfaction on the record of a judgement, issuing certificates of satisfaction and / or memoranda of satisfaction on the registry of a judgment


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