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Circuit Court - Ground rent

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Ground Rent Application template

Ground rent application

Documents to be filed:

  • Notice of application with the relevant stamp duty and affidavit with the relevant stamp duty
  • Application to be drafted in accordance with section 4 Landlord & Tennant Ground Rent Acts 1967 to 2005 - see form 32A and form 32B in the Rules of the Circuit Court
  • Photocopies of lease / title documents to be filed one week in advance of hearing date
  • Original title documents to be brought to court.
  • Original advertisement (whole paper) must be in court on the day. The advertisement must be published 21 days before the application can be lodged in the Circuit Court - see advertisement template.

Record Number:

  • The record number is not given at counter. The record number will be forwarded to solicitors.


  • Serve notice of intention to acquire on all known superior interest(s) - section 4, 1967 Act - see sample notice of intention
  • Where superior interests are unknown or unascertained, advertise in the Law Gazette / national newspaper. Give 21 clear days notice before the date of application.
  • Where agreement cannot be reached in the case of a known superior interest or where such interest is unknown or unascertained then an application is made to the County Registrar.


  • When the award is made, if there is a lodgement to be made, the cheque should be made payable to the County Registrar and lodged in the Circuit Court office.


  • The deed is drafted by the solicitor and lodged for approval by the County Registrar and signed by the assigned court officer.
  • When drafting the deed, refer to sample clauses


  • Appeals to be lodged within 6 weeks from the date of the award.  Lodge notice of motion and affidavit.

Application to claim monies:

  • Application to be made by motion and affidavit  before a  judge. Title to be proved by applicant (original title documents /exhibits /affidavits etc.)


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