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Circuit Court - Taxation

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Documents to be filed:

Requirements to set down:

Certificate of Taxation:

  • To be drafted by applicant - see certificate of taxation form.

  • Shows amount, plus stamp duty, less deductions, equals amount certified.

  • Stamp duty @ 8% per 100 after deductions have been taken away from total claimed on summons.

  • To be lodged in duplicate with stamp duty impressed on Certificate of Taxation. (family law, Chief State Solicitor are exempt from stamp duty)


Appeals of decisions of County Regsitrar:

  • By way of notice of motion and grounding affidavit to be put in the judge's list
  • appeal must be lodged within 10 day of County Registrars decision.


  • 7 Day as per rules


  • If given liberty to re-enter may do so by request at counter or by phone.


  • When sought with consent of all parties (letter or fax is needed)
  • If not on consent parties must appear on date given.

Stamp duty:

The relevant stamp duty is set down in the Part 1 of the Schedule to the Circuit Court Fees Order.

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