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Welcome to the Legal Diary

In this section you will find lists of cases for hearing in the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, the High Court, the Central Criminal Court and the Circuit Courts. Lists of cases for hearing in the District Court are available from the relevant District Court Office

Members of the public are welcome to enter all courts except those displaying the 'in camera' sign.

Dublin Legal Diary help
Circuit Diary help

Dublin Legal Diary

High Court

When you click on the High Court top link, a list of categories of High Court lists appears on the page. When you select any category from that list, for example 'Chancery', you will get a list of the dates for the chancery list while the list of categories of High Court lists appears on the right of the page. You can click on 'Today's Cases / All Lists' to find out the number of the court in which particular lists / cases are to be heard.

Downloadable Dublin Legal Diary

The Legal Diary for is available in MSWord & PDF for the following court lists; The Supreme Court, Court of Appeal - civil, Court of Appeal - criminal, the Central Criminal Court, 'Today’ s Cases', Chancery, Commercial List, Competition List, Extradition, Family Law, Judicial Review, Before the Master, Non-Jury List (Dublin), Personal Injuries (Dublin), Taxing Masters’ Office.
You may download the Legal Diary from here.

Legal Diary update schedule

The Legal Diary is updated between 4.30 p.m. and 5.30 p.m. daily during court term. During the Long Vacation it is produced for the Dublin fortnightly vacation sittings.

Circuit Court Diary

Use the circuit legal diary search facility to find:

- Lists of Circuit Court cases which start in the Circuit Court
- Lists of Appeals to the Circuit Court from the District Court.
- Lists of Appeals to the High Court from the Circuit Court - provincial venues.

You may sort results by date, court venue, list type by clicking on the top bar of the relevant column.

Reading court lists:

In general, the layout of court lists is as follows;
List number Case (file) number Plaintiff v Defendant : Plaintiff's solicitor \ Defendant's solicitor.
The list number indicates the order of priority for hearing on the court date.

Printing court lists:

When you locate the list you require, you may print a plain copy of that list by clicking the Printable Version link at the top of the page and following the prompts.

Changes and cancellations:

You may also check the n otices in the Terms & Sittings section of the website for any changes of court venues or of scheduled sitting dates.


A 'callover' is a sitting at which pending cases are called over in court to determine if they are ready to proceed. Cases which are ready to proceed are assigned dates - insofar as dates are available. Callover lists are identified by a subtitle 'callover'.


Court lists which have been published some weeks in advance of a sitting date are often subject to change nearer to that sitting date. In such cases, the published list will be amended and a subtitle of 'incl supplemental' added. In addition, the date of updating will be give at the top of the list.

Therefore, it is important that you check the court list again nearer to the court date.

District Court lists are available from the relevant District Court Office.


• Enquiries in regard to particular cases should be made with the relevant court office.

• If you have enquiries in regard to the layout or location of superior courts lists you should email your comments to LegalDiary@courts.ie

• Queries in regard to technical difficulties only should be made to the webmaster through the feedback section.


Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the contents of the Legal Diary. The Courts Service does not accept liability for any errors or omissions. You are advised to check with relevant court office to confirm arrangements for the listing of a particular case. The feedback link should not be used for this purpose.