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Circuit Court Diary


Use the Circuit Court Diary search facility to find:
- Lists of Circuit Court cases which start in the Circuit Court
- Lists of Appeals to the Circuit Court from the District Court.
- Lists of Appeals to the High Court from the Circuit Court at provincial venues.

Search results can be sorted by date, court venue, list type.

Reading court lists:
In general, the layout of court lists is as follows;
List number   Case (file) number   Plaintiff   v  Defendant : Plaintiff's solicitor \ Defendant's solicitor.
The list number indicates the order of priority for hearing on the court date.

Printing court lists:
When you locate the list you require, you may print a plain copy of that list by clicking the Printable Version link at the top of the page and following the prompts.

Changes and cancellations:
You may also check the S ittings Notices in the Terms & Sittings section of the website for any changes of court venues or of scheduled sitting dates.