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Delivery Date

89%05/07/2013Hogan J.Hynes -v- The Appeal Tribunal of the Chartered Accountancy Regulatory Board & Anor
89%07/25/2011Kearns P.Tansey -v- Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal
88%10/31/2018Allen J.O'Sullivan -v- The Disciplinary Tribunal & ors
88%01/17/2011Kearns P.Sweeney -v- Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal
87%07/30/2012Kearns P.McCarthy Senior -v- Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal
87%04/11/2011Kearns P.Garvey -v- Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal
87%01/17/2011Kearns P.Tighe -v- Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal
87%01/11/2010Kearns J.Stevenson -v- O'Neill
86%01/13/2017Eagar J.Curran -v- The Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal
86%05/18/2009Johnson P.Law Society of Ireland -v- Murphy
86%04/23/2008Macken J.O'Reilly -v- Lee
86%03/04/2005O'Neill J.O'Duffy -v- Law Society of Ireland
85%05/10/2010Kearns P.Law Society of Ireland -v- Murphy
85%11/23/2009Kearns J.Spring & ors p/a Daniel Spring & Co. Solicitors -v- Evans
85%02/02/2001MemoO'Callaghan -v- Disciplinary Tribunal & ors
84%07/06/2018Peart J.Law Society of Ireland -v- O'Sullivan
84%03/10/2017Kelly P.Law Society of Ireland -v- Herlihy
84%07/19/2010Kearns P.Breen -v- Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal
83%04/22/2016Irvine J.Toal -v- The Honourable Society of Kings Inn Barristers Disciplinary Tribunal & Ors
83%07/17/2015Kearns P.Law Society of Ireland -v- Lambert
83%04/29/2013Kearns P.Sheerin -v- Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal
83%04/27/2012Kearns P.Condon -v- Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal
83%04/11/2011Kearns P.Keane -v- Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal
83%12/09/2007Birmingham J.Power -v- Doyle
83%10/26/2007Johnson P.O'Mahony -v- O'Neill
82%03/13/2018Meenan J.Hynes -v- The Appeals Tribunal of the Chartered Accountants Regulatory Board
82%10/03/2017Kelly P.Mallon -v- Law Society
82%05/24/2017O'Donnell Donal J.Carter -v- Shannon
82%04/04/2016Kelly P.Law Society of Ireland v Enright
82%07/15/2013Kearns P.O'Riordan -v- Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal
82%07/19/2010Kearns P.O'Brien -v- Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal
81%10/31/2017Kelly P.Sheehan -v- The Solicitor Disciplinary Tribunal & ors
81%04/22/2016McDermott J.The Law Society of Ireland -v- O'Sullivan
81%07/10/2009Herbert J.McMahon -v- Law Society of Ireland
81%05/20/2009Geoghegan J.The Law Society -v- Carroll & anor
81%02/02/2001Geoghegan J.O'Callaghan -v- Disciplinary Tribunal & ors
80%10/05/2017McDermott J.UPC Communications Ireland Ltd (now Virgin Media Ireland Ltd) -v- Employment Appeals Tribunal
80%07/21/2017Peart J.The Law Society of Ireland -v- Callanan
80%07/21/2017Hogan J.The Law Society of Ireland -v- Callanan
80%09/23/2014Kearns P.Kean -v- Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal
80%07/15/2013Kearns P.Cawley -v- Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal
80%05/10/2010Kearns P.Law Society of Ireland -v- White
80%02/15/2010Kearns P.White -v- Reen
79%01/29/2008Irvine J.Sexton & anor & Solicitors Acts: Connolly
79%11/24/2017DeterminationMcCool -v- Monaghan
79%01/23/2017Kelly P.Walsh -v- Law Society of Ireland
79%07/28/2014Kearns P.Payne & anor
79%03/24/2014Kearns P.Dennehy -v- Shanahan
79%07/30/2012Kearns P.Law Society of Ireland -v- Curneen
79%07/27/2007McKechnie J.O'Driscoll & Anor -v- Law Society of Ireland & Anor

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