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bullet06/02/2018 : Merchant's Quay Courthouse and Court Offices, Limerick - relocation
bullet18/01/2018 : IT technical difficulties
bullet22/01/2018 : Wexford Court Office - change of location
bullet15/12/2017 : Letterkenny Court sittings - change of venue
bullet29/11/2017 : Review of the Administration of Civil Justice
bullet23/10/2017 : Court sittings - notice
bullet29/09/2017 : High Court Notice Non Jury/Judicial Review List
bullet15/08/2017 : Strategy 2020 - submissions invited
bullet15/08/2017 : Insolvency Regulation (recast)
bullet19/07/2017 : Spam email - re: statutory instrument
bullet30/11/2016 : Insurance Compensation Fund & Setanta Insurance Company Ltd. (in liquidation)
bullet23/09/2016 : Rules of the Superior Courts - notice
bullet01/09/2016 : Garda summons business in Dublin Metropolitan District Court
bullet15/08/2016 : Tallaght Courthouse - new support office
bullet21/06/2016 : Court forms - downloading forms error
bullet30/05/2016 : Spam email re jury service
bullet26/04/2016 : Special Criminal Court Rules
bullet21/09/2015 : Mullingar Courthouse - temporary closure
bullet07/07/2015 : Anglesea Street Courthouse Cork - relocation
bullet26/06/2015 : Supreme Court Orders
bullet30/03/2015 : Legal diary - downloadable version
bullet13/01/2015 : Stamp duty payable on judgments
bullet27/11/2014 : Issue of high court orders by email
bullet29/10/2014 : Supreme Court Direction - Art. 64.3.1 of the Constitution
bullet29/10/2014 : The Supreme Court - changes to jurisdiction and practice
bullet01/01/2014 : Baltinglass District Court Area - closure
bullet08/11/2013 : Roscommon Court Office - relocation
bullet21/10/2013 : Orders under Court of Justice Act 1947 - specialist judges
bullet19/07/2013 : District Court decisions in child care cases
bullet16/05/2013 : Official Assignee in Bankruptcy - change of office
bullet16/04/2012 : Payment to minors of funds in court
bullet16/04/2012 : Lodgment with defence
bullet23/12/2011 : Introduction of non-personal filing for Supreme and High Court Offices
bullet02/12/2011 : Monaghan Courthouse wins Public Building Project of the Year Award
bullet24/02/2011 : Fines Collection Service
bullet06/10/2009 : Nursing Home Support Scheme Act 2009 - Appointment of care representatives
bullet12/06/2009 : Dormant Funds - June 2009
bullet09/07/2008 : Official Languages Act 2003: Submissions
bullet22/02/2008 : Courts Service website wins eGovernment award