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Heritage links


By clicking the following links, you will be leaving the Courts Service website. The Courts Service expresses no view on, and accepts no responsibility for any of the contents of the following sites:

Website title: The Irish Architectural Archive

Description: The Irish Architectural Archive is a charitable company established in 1976 to collect and preserve the records of Ireland's architectural heritage.
Link:    https:/www.iarc.ie

Website title: Office of Public Works

Description: The Office of Public Works provides a full design and project management service for public sector building projects, a conservation management and advisory service, and independent advice to the Government.
Link:     http://www.opw.ie

Website title: The National Archives

Description: The National Archives holds the records of the modern Irish state which document its historical evolution and the creation of its national identity.
Link:     http://www.nationalarchives.ie

Website title: National Inventory of Architectural Heritage

Description: The work of the NIAH involves identifying and recording the architectural heritage of Ireland, from 1700 to the present day.
Link:    http://www.buildingsofireland.ie