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Fines Online - Accounting For Justice

New Courts Accounting System allows public to pay fines electronically. Cuts out the need to pay at specific court offices and for cash or paper transactions. Will help improve fines collection process.


The Courts Service today launched its new Courts Accounting System (CAS) which allows the payment of fines via the internet, the electronic payment of family law payments, and the payment of some court fees online or via credit card.

Traditionally the payment of fines had to be made by cheque, postal order or cash to the office where the fine had been imposed. As more and more people changed from cheque book to cash, laser and credit cards, the payment of a fine became awkward and often necessitated a trip to the office to pay in cash.

This new system allows for not just easier payment methods but will be very efficient in terms of savings for the Courts Service in terms of time and money, and in terms of tracking and collecting fines.

Every 5% improvement in the collection rate for fines brings in €1.75 million. The savings in work-hours will be over €1 million annually.

The system has been used in the past few months and is now fully operational in thirteen venues, which include the major centres of population. It is to be introduced in four further venues between now and October. The system will be rolled out nationwide within the next twelve months.

This initiative has already received recognition and was the recent recipient of the Taoiseach's Public Service Excellence Award.

The CAS system is operational in the following areas;

  • Dublin, Cork city, Galway city, Limerick city, Waterford, Naas, Trim, Monaghan, Cavan, Drogheda, Sligo, Bray and Castlebar
  • Wexford and Longford DC offices are due to go live at the end of August and
  • Nenagh & Thurles are scheduled for the start of October.

Uptake of this system in areas where it was piloted has been very high with 70% of people opting for electronic transfer of family law payments, 46% using the internet to pay small claims fees online and 1,32 have paid €320,000 in fines this way already.