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Courts Service News: 2016

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The Courts Service e-zine is published every two to three months and features news and information on a variety of topics, including developments in the Courts Service. In December we publish a paper magazine.

Courts Service News Issue 2 - April 2016

The Four Courts featured prominently in the Easter Rising 1916 so it was fitting that events were held in around the building in recent weeks to commemorate that historic time and to remember those who were involved.

A large crowd gathered to witness the Chief Justice, the Minister for Justice & Equality, and a representative of the relatives of the Four Courts Garrison lay wreaths on Easter Monday.

The doors of the Four Courts were opened to welcome the public in to explore the building and enjoy dramatic presentations and a wealth of interesting talks as part of RTÉ’s ‘Reflecting the Rising’ event also on Easter Monday. You can read the talks given by members of the judiciary at the event: the Chief Justice, Mr. Justice Hogan, Mr. Justice Moriarty, Ms. Justice O’Malley, Mr. Justice MacMenamin, and Judge Rosemary Horgan.

We also have news on the new lease of life for Kilmainham Courthouse and the "Bullets, Books and Barricades" exhibition in the Round Hall of the Four Courts.

CSN Volume 18 Issue 2 - 1916 Commemorative Issue April 2016

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